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Eco Charge: The Ionic Combustion Booster - Patent Pending
*Depending on the type of engine and size of air filter, the number of ICB sheets used will vary.

The purpose of Eco Charge ICB is to improve combustion efficiency and reduce toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, HC, PM & black smoke, etc. which are found in exhaust gases.

Eco Charge ICB activates and ionizes the air supplied with fuel in all internal combustion engines. The purpose of this is to improve combustion efficiency thereby reducing the output of harmful components of exhaust gases. Different from the post-processing catalyst exhaust systems, Eco Charge ICB is a pre-treatment device that is installed on the air cleaner or air filter of an engine. The result is an improved combustion process with secondary benefits of increased engine output, better fuel efficiency, dissolution of exhaust odor, etc.

Benefits of Eco Charge ICB

Purity: Sharply cuts down the toxic substances in exhaust such as carbon monoxide, hydro carbon, & black smoke. Exhaust valves & cylinder heads withstand carbon build up resulting in a cleaner engine.

Power: Torque and Engine power will improve due to the complete combustion of fuel. Engine oil remains cleaner with Eco Charge ICB, making it last longer.

Performance: The improved combustion process helps to increase fuel efficiency.

How it works
Air passes through Eco Charge ICB and becomes activated. This creates negatively charged ions that allow a better mixture of fuel and oxygen. This process solves the problem of incomplete combustion and helps improve the combustion of weak explosive fuel like diesel. As a result levels of PM, CO, and HC are reduced.

For detailed information about proper installation of Eco Charge ICB, please CLICK HERE.