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  1. What is Eco Charge ICB designed to do?
    Eco Charge ICB is a revolutionary product that reduces the output of harmful gas exhaust from internal combustion engines.

  2. Does Eco Charge ICB clean existing harmful exhaust that is already in the air?
    No, Eco Charge ICB improves combustion efficiency in the engine so that the exhaust output has a significantly reduced level of harmful gases. (carbon monoxide, NOX, hydrocarbons, etc) . It is not designed to clean free flowing air, but rather reduce the output of harmful gases from the engine through creating a perfect combustion environment.

  3. What kind of automobiles can use Eco Charge ICB?
    Eco Charge ICB is designed to work with all internal combustion engines diesel or gasoline. To achieve the best results, the distance from the air filter to the cylinder should not exceed 6 feet.

  4. How is Eco Charge ICB installed?
    Eco Charge ICB is installed with active substance facing the front side where air first comes in contact with the filter with the triangle pieces facing outward away from the filter. It is important to leave no portion of the filter uncovered. Eco Charge ICB can be easily installed on an air filter. It is made out of a durable flexible metal that can be shaped to fit various air filter shapes. Small clamps are used to securely attach Eco Charge ICB to the filter. Once installed properly, it will remain fixed firmly to the air filter despite high speed air flow or vibration. Please click here for more details on installation procedures.

  5. What if my air filter is not fully covered with one sheet of Eco Charge ICB product?
    The sheets may need to be cut to fit the filter properly. If multiple sheets are needed, they can be cut and attached together using small zip ties. Eco Charge ICB sheets are installed all the way around the air filter with no spaces left uncovered.

  6. How does Eco Charge ICB work?
    Eco Charge ICB activates and ionizes the air supplied with fuel in all internal combustion engines. Through excitation and ionization, minus ions and free radicals are produced at a rate of thousands per square centimeter and through their activated state, promote a combustion reaction. The purpose of this is to improve combustion efficiency and obtain an abatement of toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, hydro-carbon, NOX, black smoke, etc. which are found in exhaust gases. This result makes it possible to obtain the secondary effects of increased engine output, improved gas mileage, dissolution of exhaust odor, etc.

  7. How long does the air that comes in contact with Eco Charge ICB remain in an active state?
    The air molecules that become activated by Eco Charge ICB only stay activated for a certain amount of time before they return to their normal state. Because of this it is necessary to have the distance from the air filter to the inside of the combustion chamber be as short as possible to achieve maximum results.

  8. Does Eco Charge ICB restrict air flow into the engine?
    No. Because there are many openings for air to flow through and the portion of the air filter that is blocked is relatively small, Eco Charge ICB can be directly attached to the air filter without barring the supply of air required for the combustion process.

  9. Can Eco Charge ICB become loose or damaged due to air flow speed etc?
    Because the base is made from a lightweight, durable metal with sufficient thickness, after proper installation, Eco Charge ICB can be used for a long period of time without the structure being damaged due to shock or resistance from high speed air flow.

  10. Does Eco Charge ICB ever need to be replaced once it is installed?
    Over time, Eco Charge ICB does become dirty just like an air filter. Because of this it is recommended that Eco Charge ICB be replaced at least once every two years. This also depends on what type of engine it is used on.

  11. Why is Eco Charge ICB shaped like it is?
    The unique shape of Eco Charge ICB allows for air to flow through it in all possible directions. This makes it possible for the maximum amount of air to come in contact with the active surface to create the perfect combustion environment.

  12. Are there factors that would make Eco Charge ICB less effective?
    Yes. Eco Charge ICB might not be effective under the following conditions.
    1. When the length of the air flow tube from the air filter is 2 meters or more.
    2. When the air filter is extremely dirty.
    3. When the engine itself is out of condition.
    4. When secondary air is being inhaled from sources other than the air filter.
    5. Improper installation.